All natural,

all flavor,

all good!


One for the ballgame; one for the movies; and one for someone special. 

Kettle Corn... It's the snack for all reasons.


We're passionate about kettle corn. 

For years, Mark and Diane Vincent, owners of Kettle Masters of America have produced

what our customers insist is the best kettle corn that they have ever tasted. 

We have travelled coast to coast to offer hundreds of thousands of people our tasty treat. 

We want you to have the opportunity to call it your favorite as well!

Cheddar Cheeze





Kettle Masters of America

P.O. Box 534, Silverado, CA 92676 

Office 714-6549-0600  Email:

Serving Southern California and the U.S. with hot, fresh kettle corn.

At Kettle Masters we are making friends with kettle corn... One kernel at a time!


Our regular kettle corn is the backbone of our business.  But with your request, we can gladly provide special flavors.